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eXtremecode Generator

eXtremecode generator is a code generator which makes it easier for developers to generate a well formed application by giving it just a collection of connections of databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySql) and defined templates. It is developed in C#.

eXtremecode Generator (short name eX Generator ) is simply a tool which takes a collection of database connections as an input and produce a well-formed Application.

eX Generator consists of two applications. One application is eXtremecode Definition Generator (short name XDG Application), for generating database schema which takes collection of database connections as an input and gives databases schema (definition) in the form of an XML file. And second application is eXtremecode Generator (short name XG Application ), for generating Asp.Net application which takes generated database definitions and predefined templates as an input and give final result in the form of an Asp.Net application.

Quick Start (Without Login)

  1. Download eXtremecode generator.
  2. Open Connections.config file from eXDG folder.
  3. Define required connections in Connections.config file. (multiple connections are allowed each connection must have unique name)
  4. Run eXDG.exe (all tables and views of respected connections will be populated in a grid)
  5. Select Required entities , for them you want to generate definitions.
  6. Click Generate button (two files, eXDefinition.xml and eXCustomDefinition.xml will be created in the same folder)
  7. Close eXDG application
  8. Copy Last created files (eXDefinition.xml and eXCustomDefinition.xml) into eXG/Templates folder.
  9. Copy Updated Connections.config file into eXG/Templates/WebSite folder. (Replace old files)
  10. Run eXG.exe from eXG folder
  11. Select Template path e-g D:/eXG/Templates
  12. Select Output path, where asp.Net application need to be created
  13. Press Load Button (it will load list of table and views, for them you have generated Definitions)
  14. Click Select All button
  15. Click Generate Button
  16. Register generated site on IIS or run website by Visual Studio.
  17. Run generated web site (An exception will ask to define home page.)
  18. Replace exception with redirect statement e.g (Response.Redirect(page url);)

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